Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hide and Seek: Cat Antics

First, I have to confess that I'm cross-posting this from Cat Lady Kate (which, by the way, you should check out if you haven't already. I'm using that site not only to enable my cat lady-ness, but to raise money. Just click on the ads or the Amazon links). Anyway, here are some Hide and Seek stories you might enjoy:

One morning recently, I woke up to see Seek dangling from the door frame in my bedroom. Just hanging there, holding on with his front claws. Why? No idea. My guess is that he was chasing a bug, but still! That was pretty silly.

Another recent Seek story: I woke up (hmm. There seems to be a trend of Seek waking me up...) to a funny noise. Seek had knocked a box of tissues to the floor and was pulling them, one by one, out of the box. Maybe he had a runny nose?

Hide gets into plenty of trouble, too. He recently figured out how to open the front door of my apartment. It's a sliding door, so he just lies on his side, grabs the bottom corner, and pulls. This usually isn't a problem, because the door is locked. BUT, if I leave it unlocked while I run to my car to get something, or if I don't lock it the instant I'm inside when I get home, he's out. I also think he's onto the lock--I've seen him staring intently up at it--but hasn't figured out how to work it without thumbs yet. I was leaving for work one day recently and discovered that the deadbolt thingy was turned just a bit from vertical. Did I not lock it all the way, or did my cat figure out how to unlock it? You decide. (Fortunately, he wasn't able to unlock it all the way!)

Like all cats, Hide and Seek like to climb. They especially like to jump up onto the fridge and, from there, onto the kitchen cabinets. They particularly like chasing bugs up there. I'm worried that they'll knock over my liquor bottles one of these days! (Now that would be a real tragedy!)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Where does the time go?

Well, my goodness! It's already June! How did that happen? The year is slipping by.

My current exploits: I'm teaching an ESL class at NOVA. It's a low-level reading/writing course. Our first class was Thursday, 6/2. I'm excited to work with these students! I'm also publishing a new blog: Cat Lady Kate. It's for cat lovers, and it deals with all things cat-related. I've included ads & links to Amazon on that blog; I'm hoping to earn some money to donate to animal rescue organizations & other animal welfare causes. So when you stop by Cat Lady Kate, please click on the ads! There's also a Cat Lady Kate facebook group. Please join!

I'm still reading a lot. No surprise there! I recently posted a recommended reading list on The Book Junkie and the Book Junkie FB page. In addition to book reviews & book lists, I'm hosting two drawings on the FB page. Once we hit 100 "likes," I'm going to do a random drawing. One winner will get to choose a book for me to read & review. Another winner will get a Book Junkie bookmark. (The bookmarks are pretty cool! I have a lot of experience with bookmarks, and know what makes the just-about-perfect bookmark. Mine are designed to fit that criterion.) I also plan to (eventually) offer bookmarks & other book paraphernalia for sale. A portion of the sales will be donated to literacy projects. I'll let everyone know when that's up and running!

In addition to that stuff, I'm putting together a collection of stories & poems that I'll be publishing as an e-book available for Kindle & Kindle apps. That should happen pretty soon! Once that's done, I plan to get back to focusing on my novel. I may post excerpts of the book as I make progress; we'll see how that goes.

What's new in your life?