Thursday, October 9, 2008

37 Years

Well, Jane did it, so I will too. (Although, there's no way I can do as good a job as you did with your post, Jane!) Mom and Dad have been married for 37 years today.

They've taught us to share, play nicely, love animals, ride bikes, balance check books (well, sort of. Sorry Dad!), drive cars, do laundry, have fun, strive for our dreams, be silly, never settle, help others however we can, be good people, and...well, everything. Flegals are a blessed bunch.

Here's to another 37 years, Mom and Dad!

Love you and hey,


Suzanne said...

Thank you kindly. I think you exaggerate our virtues, but it's sure nice to be appreciated!The Mom person

Kate said...

I didn't know you knew my blog existed! Cool :)

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